When did you last celebrate?

It’s wonderful to enjoy widely recognised times of celebration and Easter is a big one for many people. I have always loved that at certain times of year we “down tools”, “make time” and “chill out”  with those around us. It could be with friends, family or both. However, what I often find myself asking is why do we still tend to just focus on these big events and why on earth don’t we celebrate our own, smaller life events a lot more?

According to a recent Pinterest blog I read there is a modern culture emerging that has us partying for all, and any, reason to celebrate an occasion: including divorce parties, work promotions, getting pregnant… the opportunities just go on. Great! Why not? We all deserve to share our “little wins” with our favourite people don’t we?  However, I’m not convinced this modern innovation has reached those amongst us who dwell in real life – where it’s almost impossible to get everyone in the same place at the same time, let alone buy in to your desire to turn something seemingly small to others (but maybe a big step for you) into a proper get together, having fun and simply sharing in the experiences of everyday life.

So, if it’s difficult to fit such “mini events” into our personal lives as often as we would like then when and where else can achieve them?   Many people still spend the majority of their time working – either for themselves or an employer. Surely we are missing a trick here? Why does it seen so unusual in the working class culture so many of us inhabit to look for ways to celebrate in the workplace?  I guess the first response to the question is “when are we supposed to do that!?”  Well, I am absolutely with you – it can feel virtually impossible to create the time & space to get your colleagues or employees together when there is work to be done!  I feel your pain. But, we are all guilty of getting so bogged down in every minute detail of our working lives that we don’t always see the bigger picture – but we should.

There are many positive reasons to to create opportunities for celebration if we really want to and we’ve all read posts on how it’s a proven fact it’s beneficial for our mental health/wellbeing/positive outlook etc.  Of course it is! We need to engage with those around us, share common ground and feel the release from everyday responsibilities now and again – it’s these experiences that re-invigorate us and give us the motivation to keep on going!  I wholeheartedly believe in taking a more holistic approach to the wellbeing of not just our friends & family but our colleagues and associates too. We need to look for ways to make life as rewarding and inspirational as possible – and it starts small.

So, what have you got to celebrate?  A great new order?  An internal promotion? A new colleague? A thank you for a job well done?  A valued member retirement? There are so many ways we can acknowledge the good things we all do and I honestly think it is time that this culture was brought into the workplace rather than expect individuals to take time out of our personal lives to celebrate career or work achievements. We all know that a happy workplace is meant to be a more productive and positive one so what’s holding you back from building time into the working week for the people that keep your business going forward?

Recruitment is more challenging too in the current culture and staff benefits/company culture and rewards matter so whether you order a buffet lunch for your monthly sales meeting, reward great work with a Friday afternoon cake fest for your team or simply decide to treat everyone to a special dessert occasionally – they will appreciate it.

Plan something for your workplace soon, please remember to use local companies and services and let’s make good things happen – together!