Let , me start by of course wishing every Mum a Happy Mother’s Day. I truly hope you have a wonderful day -whatever treats are in store for you, but, here’s the rub. I am a mother myself, and I am immensely proud of my daughter: she is beautiful, generous and resourceful and my world would be less than it is if not for her. I am also a daughter and my mother has passed on many of her honest to goodness values to me – in fact all three of us share many traits which connect us.

But what I think about a lot is how to tell these wonderful people how much they mean to us, without needing a prompter or specific day to remind us we should be doing something special with them whenever we can? And, what about all the marvellous “would be” mums who aren’t being celebrated today?  The world is full of endlessly loving, caring and inspirational females who nurture and influence the next generation for us, giving their time, energy and best of all their hearts to someone who needed them – right there: right then. I take my hat off to the women who knew what the right thing to do was -and did it.

I’m not just talking about step-mums or foster mums or, in fact, any kind of mum who has at least been acknowledged for their roles but to the millions of those who simply and discreetly fill those shoes without any label of public recognition at all. And, naturally, like most women I feel for every female who desperately want to be a mum and is still waiting to be seen as such,

So, back to the question of What Makes Today Special?  Simple answer: you. Whether you are a daughter, grand-daughter or have felt the love of a surrogate support or “second mum”  I think the most precious thing we can give those we love is time. Time to laugh, time to share, time to reflect and remember what is really important and that is, quite simply, having that person in your life. That’s what makes a day like today special – not the zillions of flowers the supermarkets will sell us or the well marketing high street chocolates ( of course I love these treats too ) but the experiences we share with those we love.

As a baker I could post a free recipe with a tag to tell you how to create a fab cake – made with love, I could tell you how to prepare a simple but memorable Afternoon Tea for your mum today but, honestly, I wanted to speak from the heart today and simply say – do whatever you think will mean the most today and make time for things that matter.  Fine, if you literally buy into the onslaught of merchandise rammed down our throats for the last 6 weeks, fine if you’re supporting local hospitality and taking someone for lunch, fine if you are gifting a voucher or experience but please don’t forget: what your mum really wants today is you.

For all kinds of mums in all kinds of places and for all kinds of reasons: I hope somebody makes today special for you.