New Community kitchen

Ok, so it’s Friday again, already! And whilst I sincerely hope that anyone reading this post has had a great week – filled with loads of good stuff – the truth is that many of you won’t have. You, like many others around you just now will have been pre-occupied with the, all too familiar, worries of how to keep things afloat for your home and family – finding yourself eaten up with a growing concern of how long you can keep your head above water. Right?
And it is a problem many of us are facing: carrying a big black cloud around with us gets heavy doesn’t it? So, what can we do about it?
Well, for me it just a case of not letting these worries dominate my whole life or mental wellbeing (easier said than done) but I try to dust myself off, get busy and think of ways to make things better.
As a small, still new, business I am struggling like many others in the hospitality sector and it feels like a heavy burden – especially if, like me, you don’t have a team of co-workers around you to keep you lifted, make you smile and drive you on. So what seems obvious to me is that if I can do something, anything, to help the community around me who might be feeling the same then we all get a chance to support each other.
Therefore, the fact that I do have the facility to use my kitchen cafe to reach out to others has given me the motivation to come up with ways in which I can both physically and financially help out a little. And, as we all know, it is often the little gestures that have the greatest impact on us.
So, my hope is that by using some of my kitchen cafe opening times for a Community Style Food service I am doing the one thing I can do – feed people and make them feel welcome!
Therefore, if you ( or someone you know ) is struggling, perhaps not looking after themselves as well as they need to then please share this post with them and it could make a small, but important, difference to their wellbeing.
All I ask is that anyone who wishes to check this new service out joins the Facebook group I have created for local/community connectivity and to stay updated on kitchen happenings. All new members will receive a card with their unique number on it and that card will provide them with a discounted hot, homemade lunch meal for just £2 on Mondays & Wednesdays. I also plan to put the numbers into a weekly draw for another meal / prize.
Here is the group:

Or visit my main website

Thank you and take care.