Friends and Family – Food For All

Are you one of us or one of them? The ‘funny one’ or even worse the guest that nobody knows what to serve and feels just a little bit scared of inviting, just in case they get it wrong!

Well, let’s start by taking away the fear. Food doesn’t need to be a minefield for anybody – we just need to think outside the box (is it still OK to say that??!!) and remember that bringing friends & family together for any sociable and, ultimately, shared experience is meant to be relaxed and enjoyable – it really is that simple.

Whether you are the host, hostess or intended guest our aim is to re-assure you that when barriers are removed enjoyment will follow!  Yes, we are simplifying an age old issue and officially relegating it to the past (exactly where it belongs) by propelling any form of catering to a newer, more universally accepted level.

Ok, that was a bit of a rant, which isn’t usually my style as I’m not a soap box type of gal, BUT, I do feel strongly about inclusivity and making sure that everybody gets an equal share of the pie ( see what I did there? #feelingpleasedwithmyself). I mean how hard is it to provide delicious food that compliments the Occasion, guarantees satisfaction all round, offers new taste experiences, the opportunity for some interesting conversation around food choices and empty plates at the end? Oh, and of course, lots of visual stimulation and those warm and fuzzy sighs of satisfaction after a good thing just happened.

Maybe it’s quite hard if you’re not used to it. If what you know is how to go to a well known high street bakers to bulk buy sausage rolls and stick pins (sorry, cocktail sticks) in lumps of cheese topped off with a lonely, but harmless, cherry tomato and surround it with limp lettuce – we are NOT judging you. But it is time to raise your game. By the way, it took a lot of strength not to say “step up to the plate” just then – hope you appreciate my self control there.  Anyway, we are keen to help and always happy to serve! Ha!

It is a fact that most Millennials now actively enjoy a varied and fairly ‘mix ‘n match’ style diet. Choosing a cross section of foods including Plant Based & Vegan meals or snacks, being unconcerned if they have accidentally picked up an alternative to a meat/dairy/gluten product in the weekly shop: that’s right – they no longer fire it straight into the bin, missile fashion, when the horrific truth is revealed at the point of unpacking said product. This is a good thing of course so why do some poor souls still hold onto the old fashioned notion of separating plates on our buffet tables/grazing boards or any kind of platter arrangement you can name? Or, in the case of hot food catering, offer up a jacket potato the the ‘Veggie’ whilst everyone else is scoffing real meat burgers? It…does….not….have….to….be….that….way!

Consider this, if you have a mind to, if it is common practice to dip into this newly found wealth of food any day of the week why on earth aren’t we grasping the concept of Food For All? Just tasty, wholesome meals, snacks and desserts that are not stigmatized with labels signaling the unfortunate few who can only eat this or that. It shouldn’t matter. Just create a beautiful display, get everybody equally excited and watch them beat a path to the table – job done!

And, to give you a little inspiration we have created an easy FREE printable recipe card, which you will see on our Facebook/Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter pages.

ARE YOU A LOCAL COMPANY getting ready to open your doors again? Perhaps you’re thinking about how to provide a Warm Welcome to your employees or even your customers? As it is sounding increasingly likely that businesses may be able to open their doors again in the coming weeks or months it is really going to be quite a milestone and we want to help you mark the occasion. We know how difficult it has been for anyone who has missed all of those colleague conversations, interactions with customers and the overall feeling of isolation in not being a part of the workplace for so long. Let’s welcome them back with open arms in the most sociable way possible – by creating a shared experience that your team will value and remember fondly. Message us for ideas and inspiration.

Take care all!