Creative Catering

Why is it that, although the amount people usually spend when planning an event is at least 50% of the entire budget,  so little attention is given to the visual appeal of the food display?   And, how often have you attended a beautifully decorated venue, stylised to perfection and absolutely stunning, only to feel utterly underwhelmed with the presentation of the buffet in the corner? We know we have and it is truly sad to see perfectly good food displayed in a lacklustre fashion: which has been (surprisingly ) acceptable for far too long, especially when they could so easily be as Visually Stunning as the rest of the decor. Food offerings should be Themed & Stylised to create a huge WOW Factor with all the Ooh’s & Aahs we expect when guests encounter an actual feast for the eyes!
Your catering service should never play second fiddle to any other part of an otherwise meticulously planned Celebration, whether it is a Wedding Reception, Engagement Party or other Special Family Occasion.  By unlocking the potential to turn even the simplest of foods into works of art, even on a modest budget, you can add an extra dimension to the overall experience every guest can savour, remember and treasure.
So, it’s time to turn the tables and bring food displays to the front and centre of your event, after all, it is the gift of love!  Friends and family gathering together,  sharing new food experiences in a sociable and relaxed manner and enjoying the simple things in life. It just doesn’t need to be boring – so let’s ban The Beige: right here, right now!  Instead, making a conscious move to elevate the whole occasion by re-imagining the look and feel of such an important part of any occasion. Of course, how you do that very much depends on what makes you happy, it might be the Bold Bright colours that really make a display Pop, particularly suited to Boho Themes & stunning Eastern Style Grazing options. Or, perhaps the warmth of more Natural, Rustic offerings: ancient grain breads, roasted vegetable dippers, fruit platters and lots of unusual salads & edible greenery to decorate your table. Floral Pastels give a real outdoor/indoor feel and are perfect for conservatory-style venues, beautifully dressed with pretty flowers around delicate plates of smaller bites to delight or perhaps Country Charm or modern Street Party is more your style?
Personalisation is paramount and that is why we specialise in smaller, more intimate celebrations and gatherings of between 15 to 50 guests. This way we can fully embrace every detail of each creation, using our extensive design experience and knowledge to bring a fresh new style to every individual event. It is our belief that by taking a Designer led approach to your catering, and making it the Main Event rather than a secondary (and dare we say often functional ) consideration, you can then build an entire Venue Decor around this fabulously focal point.
We can advise on all aspects of styling, creating visual impact, sensational table settings and even the subtle use of colour conscious palettes for mood-enhancing undertones. So, if you are ready for something new and exciting then our unique approach to Connected Catering guarantees the most fluid and complimentary package possible: with forward, fully joined-up thinking to ensure your guests fall in love with every aspect of your Celebration.
A Note On Our Free From & Vegan Dishes:
What makes us refreshingly different is not simply the ability to turn potentially ordinary into something sensational but that the food we provide is purposely designed to bring people together by removing the fuss and frustration some guests encounter at catered events. We have spent many long hours perfecting our homemade recipes to make our food accessible to those with Gluten or Dairy intolerances. We made a firm decision from the very beginning of our own journey that we would build an inclusive menu palette that didn’t alienate careful eaters. Our food is wholesome, tasty, exciting and created from our own extensive, tried and tested menus. We were, to be perfectly honest, fed up of being treated as the “odd one out” or even worse the “funny eaters” because we couldn’t eat what everyone else was devouring! Not only did this make us feel slightly unwelcome but meant we just couldn’t enjoy the sociable aspect of sharing the same foods as everyone else – not very relaxing or enjoyable.
Therefore, every little titbit or dish we produce is made using NON-GLUTEN CONTAINING INGREDIENTS & DAIRY FREE ALTERNATIVES. No chance of cross-contamination for those who have intolerances but importantly, and this is the crux, food that everyone can enjoy: equally, without compromise and genuinely as good as wheat or dairy-based old familiars. We offer a fully (free from) Vegan service or (free from) Vegetarian – just contact us via our website for further info.
Ditching the Disposables
Sustainability is high on our list too and all of our Table Linens, Decor Pieces and associated decorative items are offered on a repeat Hire basis only. We use a very limited number of disposable items (some services and themes require the use of wooden cutlery or paper doilies) but ensure that all disposable items are fully biodegradable. No single-use plastics are included in any service or package for catering purposes.
Notes on Covid 19 Safety
We take social distancing very seriously, therefore delivery and collection of smaller catering packages for home use will follow all Covid guidelines – with doorstep delivery only. Goods and equipment provided on a hire basis will be washed at the recommended 60 deg cycle or (in the case of decor items) sanitized and quarantined for a minimum of 72 hours between hires. All products are wrapped for hygiene and to preserve quality.
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